We can also sort by URL Position

They select which subpage is to be display for a specific phrase. When choosing key phrases, they take into account their so-call volume, how many people enter a given query in Google. After entering the domain, we immiately see how many key phrases the page is visible for – how many phrases it has in TOP , TOP and TOP and what is the estimat traffic. On a graph that allows you to quickly verify whether the visibility of the site is increasing, decreasing or staying at a constant level. What is very important, in addition to the important information for which phrases a given domain is visible in Google, is equally important that these results can be sort and filter.

This tool allows us to freely filter

It can select, for example, only “brand words”, those that contain the name of the brand, or only local phrases, those with, for example, a city. Another option is, for example, quick wins, phrases that are outside the first page of search results, but at the same time are close enough to the phrase that you can get to the first page relatively easily.  or CPC. The results so that the data is the most useful. Competition analysis Another very useful tool is competitor Nepal Mobile Number List analysis. We can start with the use of the chart shown above – in addition to the analyz domain, you can add a competitor’s chart.

Phone Number List

Whether We are gaining or losing

This allows you to compare whether the visibility is similar and see what the general trend is –  compar to the competition. In addition, on the “Visibility analysis” subpage, there is a panel that will allow us to identify competition. Business competition is not the same as SEO competition, which is why it is so important to correctly LOB Directory recognize who we are really competing with.

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