Ways to Limit Your Bounce Rate

Bounce rate simply means that visitors viewed a page and then left without going to any other page on the website. But this number does not provide any information about visitors interactions with the page viewed. When your content isn’t clear to your visitors or dutch cell phone number doesn’t interest them, your bounce rate should be high. However, it is not always necessary to remove or completely change the design of the page in question. To make the best decision, it is important to carry out some important checks. You will need to methodically analyze all the available indicators. So that you can better understand what is behind the bounce rate. we explained to you what it means.

Check the mobile compatibility of your site

A lot of searches and traffic these days comes from mobile devices. It is no longer enough to have a mobile-friendly site, the experience should also aim to maximize visitor engagement. We have all experienced  this kind of scenario before: we arrive on a mobile site and we have to zoom in to read its content. This situation can be frustrating for Internet users. You will therefore have to ensure that you provide a fluid and interactive user experience, designed for mobile Internet users. Discovering a product on video will allow you to attract 4 times more customers. It is for this reason that the videos are very engaging.

Examine the source of the bounce rate

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This slowdown in the user experience will result in a high bounce rate. Removing longer videos from the mobile site or creating shorter versions for your Bolivia Phone Number List mobile visitors can therefore be  a solution to this problem. Finally, you don’t have to stop at optimizing videos. Consider the mobile experience as a whole and find solutions adapted to each of its facets. The source of your traffic may have something to do with bounce rate. For example, if visitors from social networks have a particularly high bounce rate, you will need to consider the message used to promote the content. You will have to ask yourself if this message really corresponds to your offer.

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