It was calculat automatically bas on the number of links leading to the site and content, and contain a value between and. It was creat by the founders of Google – Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Page Rank was public for each site and you could evaluate the results of your work on-going. Over time, this algorithm became a tool of manipulation – the industry quickly figur it out and us it to boost low-quality content with links fromlink farms or keyword stuffing.  Method of classifying websites. In , the Page Rank was discontinu, Panda algorithm To prevent a large amount of spam, which result from Page Rank imperfections, the Panda algorithm was introduc, which was a considerable revolution in the approach to conducting SEO activities.

In this way link famrs were Eliminat

It was nam after engineer Navneet Panda and was officially deploy on January. Initially, it was updat monthly, along with updates to the main algorithm, so it was difficult to isolate changes in Panda itself. The Panda algorithm began to examine pages in terms of their usefulness and the value of the content present. Negatively rat content that: are of low quality (thin content), are duplicat (duplicate content), are saturat with keywords (keyword stuffing), contain no Colombia Mobile Number List content at all, content that misleads the user, contains incorrect or outdat information poor user experience.  And Panda forc SEO specialists to attach more value to the quality of publish content.

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This means that Panda is updat in

The importance of synonymous and artificially generat content has decreas. From that moment on, the saying content is king. Began and the focus was on the recipients, and not only on Google robots. In , the Panda algorithm was merg with the main Google algorithm. Real time. What does it change? Well, immiately after making changes to the page. Just after LOB Directory they are re-index by the robot, you can observe any changes in the search results.

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