Healthcare centers in processing data and providing services Provide health care from anywhere Adopting digital technology to provide telehealth services is one of the most important steps taken by hospitals in the recent period allowing technology to monitor the patient’s condition and care for him without the actual intervention of the doctor. Patient data collection can now be us beyond traditional healthcare delivery centers moving access to healthcare into places of residence work and leisure. For example doctors can guide colleagues.

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Patients remotely and provide mical consultations to patients via video instead of meeting with the doctor directly. Taking advantage of Laos Telegram Number Data big data Healthcare organizations collect vast amounts of data and are relying on big data artificial intelligence and IoT technology to make better use of it. The benefits of improv data collection and analysis are endless including improv diagnosis and treatment disease prevention and personalization of health services for individual patients.

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Arab world is the Malfi platform ” the health information bank in Abu Dhabi which allows thousands of health service providers in Abu Dhabi to Canada Phone Number List share information about their patients which contributes to supporting the decision making process. This platform provides patients with wider choices prevents data duplication in the system and contributes to rucing the overall economic burden on the healthcare system. Virtual Reality Virtual reality technology is changing the lives of patients and doctors alike as it is us to train future surgeons.

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