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Removal of rundant content – ​​if there are many similar subpages within the website, which contain the same information, it is worth expanding them with valuable content or merging them into one subpage. Inserting a link. To the original text – when posting content on external websites. Blog articles, it is worth including a link to the original version. Is duplication of the same content within one website or on several different websites. For this reason, we distinguish between internal and external duplication.

Summary Duplicate content

Problems with duplication can have various causes: placing the same descriptions on subpages of different products, copying content from the manufacturer’s website, or the presence of the home page at multiple URL addresses. Duplication can affect the position of the page. In the search engine, so you should take care of o quality. Content and correct rirects.  Industry content marketing July , Anna Nogalska Are you starting a company blog and looking for inspiration for interesting entries? Have you notic a low interest in content on the blog? Or maybe Honduras Phone Number List you are just looking for news and blog trends? You’ve come to the right place! Learn the most popular types of blog posts and how to use them effectively. 

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By creating guide-type blog entries

Idea for a blog post: a guide Undeniable number one in terms of search. Popularity and a great way to “smuggle” long tail phrases. The purpose of this type of content is to solve a specific problem, answer questions from customers in a given industry.  That answer readers’ questions, you can present specific advantages of your services or products. If the person reading the text finds an answer to a given problem, there is a high probability that he will take advantage of your offer. A guide-type post, source: . Listicle – how to write an interesting blog? Categorizing is one of the main human LOB Directory tendencies, which is why the enumeration blog post is one of the most popular.

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