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For the last stage of the funnelpost-purchase customer loyaltyjust. Like with search advertisingwe try to show users. Who have already made a purchase more often and in better positions the next time those customers search for other products. If they know our store and have made a purchase therethey are more likely to do so again. Video Ads Shorter or longer video ads target the early and middle steps in the purchase path. Their form works well in broad and relatively inexpensive building of brand coverage or recognition.

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With shortseveral-secondwell-made advertisementswe can reach a large group of recipients who have a chance to be interest in our product or service. Categories of videos on YouTube our ads can be displaywhich allows us to select the topics Special Database that people who will see our ads are interest in.  People deeper in the shopping pathwe can use remarketing to show people.

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In the running shoes sectiona longer video comparing the most popular models of running shoes as an advertisement. Of courseif we made such a film. Promoting the application. This least popular LOB Directory advertising. Formatand more precisely the segment of the shopping funnel we reach through itis strongly dependent on the task of the application we promote and what it can do.


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