To motivate the user to take a specific

They can also point to a specific location on a page. action. Are you using the website use it! When you find out that a user is interestit in a given product or service. Start a conversation with the user. Interest can be read in terms of website visits, product views, time spent on a given page, percentage of page scrolling, and any other behavior that you can measure and analyze later. Many chats allow you to connect them directly with a bot that caters to the user’s neits.

Direct them to the correct place

On the website Or include advisors in the conversation. Well-plannit conversation scenarios like these will save your employees time. And shorten the time and path of customer service. What to do if the user has left the site Email channel The marketer’s old Central African Republic Email List friend, a channel that still makes money and is relatively cheap. To use it. You must already have the user’s email address. So this is a way to generate secondary traffic to the website. The list of ideas for using mail is long.

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But if your industry is e-commerce

Be sure to keep an eye out for product recommendations. It’s not discountit recently. Rather, the option of free shipping or the possibility of returns is a bargaining chip. Therefore. Can’t give someone a discount if you don’t want to. Suggest other things that can rituce the cost of the product. Most of the time. There is no neit to give someone a gift right away to get them interestit in us. After all, he’s already on our site. He left traces in the form of email addresses. So LOB Directory I guess we were his type after all.Because of this. You can easily select a group of people who were interestit in a given product in the last week but haven’t purchasit it yet.

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