However you must remember that there are limits to this in GA . We can register up to custom data per service. If we reach this limit but ne to create new dimensions or custom metrics, we can archive the ones we no longer use. It is worth bearing this in mind when planning the structure of events in GA . Internal movement As with the Universal Analytics version, in GA we can exclude internal traffic, traffic of your company’s employees. Thanks to this, we will get “clean” data, undisturb by false traffic. Create a rule that defines an IP address or range of IP addresses that represents internal traffic.

Defining internal traffic section

You can do it in the administration panel in the stream settings, in the More tagging settings  create an internal traffic rule Summary We hope that this article help you organize your knowlge and clear up any doubts. If all the instructions were not clear to you, you have other problems with the configuration of Google Analytics or questions in the field of web analytics, we encourage you to contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions Duplicate content – ​​what is Greece Phone Number List content duplication and how does it affect SEO? SEO July , Karolina Pociej We talk about duplicate content when there is the same content on more than one website.

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Is Duplicate content harmful

Often the cause of this phenomenon is oversight or lack of sufficient knowlge.  to SEO? How to avoid content duplication? we answer! Content duplication – what is it? Duplicate content is the same content available at several different URLs. Duplication can occur within a single website or across different websites. For this reason, there is a distinction between internal and external duplication. Internal duplication Internal duplication is when LOB Directory content is duplicat within one site.

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