This will help to respond more precisely to the user’s intentions and highlight the relevance of our website.  Emojis  Using emojis can be a great way to stand out from the competition. Colorful elements will certainly attract the attention of users.  The advantages of our website (products or services) or to emphasize what assortment we have at our disposal. example_emoji Meta description – summary The meta description is important and should be kept in mind. Although it is not a ranking factor, it is one of the elements that SEO specialists deal with.

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It can increase the click-through rate and help better match search results to user intent. The meta description, although short and well-structur, can contain the most important information and encourage the Internet user to visit our website.  Description yourself, Google will do it for you, matching the content on the page. Comments Avatar July , at : Peter wrote: no specific information as of . how many characters can be add to the product name or title Dubai Mobile Number List and meta description in Answer Patricia Cat July , at : Patricia Kot wrote: Nothing has chang with the guidelines from Google and there is still no specific information about the exact number of characters in the meta description and meta title.

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We can still only follow a certain framework – about pixels for desktop devices in the case of meta descriptions, but remember that everything depends on the device the user is using. The same is true of the meta title.  is officially provid in the Google documentation, we will supplement our article with this information Answer add comment Your e-mail address will not be publish. Requir fields are mark comment name Email Patricia Cat Junior SEO Specialist The first teaser of positioning appear while still a student, which eventually l her to start working at LOB Directory Semahead in and the possibility of developing skills in every area of ​​​​SEO.

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