How do they differ from each other? The protocols in question come in two versions – basic and secur. HTTPS pages use the SLL or of the connection between the server and the client. Find out what benefits the use of the certificate brings from the positioning point of view and whether it is worth using it. What is the HTTP protocol HTTP ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol ) is a basic protocol that was creat in . It is us to transfer data over the network between the browser and the server. Simply put – it allows us to surf the web.


The biggest disadvantage of the HTTP

This type of protocol is consider a stateless protocol. This means that it does not store and remember previously load data and sessions, therefore they must be download from the server each time. The advantage of this action is faster page loading, which is possible due to the lack of the ne to remember data. In this case, cookies come to the rescue (learn more about it) that collect basic data about sessions and users, which websites bas on the HTTP protocol willingly use.  Protocol is the lack of guarantee of the security of the transmitt data. Sites bas on this Turkey Mobile Number List protocol are less secure and the risk of intercepting sensitive information is high. For this reason, nowadays more and more websites have stopp using HTTP in favor of HTTPS. HTTPS protocol HTTPS ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secur ) is the encrypt version of HTTP.

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The SSL certificate encrypts the transmitted

Some time ago this was done using. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, now more and more often. the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol. Is used for this purpose, which is a newer and more extensive version of SSL. HTTPS secures the transmitted data and protects it from interception or unwanted editing, which makes it user-friendly.  Information by rewriting LOB Directory it to a special code, which in the event of a data leak is impossible to decipher by unauthorized persons.

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