This is also one thing you should practice

Don’t pick a fight Free Bonus Advice: Be prepared for anything! lastly Keep your presentation slides to 5 pages or less. There’s a simple formula to explain this advice: If you have a 30-minute meeting, use 10 minutes to get to know each other, ask smart questions about the investor,  for questions after the presentation. That means you only have 10 minutes left for your presentation. You’ll take at least 30 seconds to talk about each slide, and investors will ask one or two questions per slide, so you’ll still have about 30 seconds for each question.

In other words, it takes about 2 minutes to advance

One slide. So the maximum number of slides for a 30-minute meeting is five pages. How do I know how much time I spent on each slide? Practice at least 10 times and you’ll definitely understand! Prepare several slides with additional information that you can israel phone numbers use at the end or during the presentation. If a problem comes up that can be explained with that slide, you can always present it. Close all programs other than those required for the presentation. Don’t check your email in the background, and turn off Skype, AIM, and anything else that might get in the way. Tip: Create a new user for presentations on Windows or Mac OS X. Tip  Don’t read the text on the slides. Never read the text written on the slides aloud.

People can read faster than they can listen

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If you read the text on the slides, people will no longer listen to you, they will just read your slides and get bored. Make sure you know what the slides say  (keywords, pictures) and explain them to them using your own stories and details. This is also one France WhatsApp Number List thing you should practice a lot. Advice Look at yourself. Borrow, rent, or buy a video camera, record your presentation, and watch yourself to see how you can improve your presentation. This will do wonders for your presentation. It’s super embarrassing when you see yourself for the first time, but I promise you’ll find at least five ways to improve your story. When practicing, ask your partner to play the role of an investor. You definitely know what the tough questions are, so ask them.

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