It also allows you to express a competitive price, if the company has one. This can often be a key factor in acquiring a new customer. It is worth remembering that the add items should be fix in price. If we add products with frequent price changes, Google is able to reject our entire extension. Application extension A great proposition for people who want to inform the user about their application. We can add a bookmark to the text ad, which will send the user directly to our application.  With one advertisement we are able to give a potential customer a choice so that he can immiately go to a specific place.

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In the panel itself we can specify which platform we are targeting, we can choose from: iOS Android Then we select applications by name or publisher and add link text that is suppos to encourage action. However, let’s remember which platforms we want to target then. If we want to increase the chances of success and conversion from such actions, it will be much better to set the ads to be display only on phones and mobile devices, so that the customer can go Philippines Phone Number List directly to the store and download the applications right away. Promotion extension This is one of the most interesting extensions. A promotion for a product or service on our website.

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We can highlight such information in the panel. It is always plac under the text of the advertisement and with the introduction of “bargain”. Therefore, we can promote, for example: Valentine’s Day, mother’s day or seasonal sale. After clicking on this extension, the customer is transferr directly to the link that we upload earlier when creating the extension. Is the ability to set a time limit, from when and until when the promotion will last. We also have the option of adding details of the promotion,: “When LOB Directory ordering over. promo code Automatic extensions The last type are automatic extensions.

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