They are not afraid to change course when

3. Women are perfectionists. They have high standards and will not settle for mediocre effort or results. The business will save money and time because haphazard mistakes and sloppy work will be avoided in the first place. 4. Women are considerate of others. They build businesses that deliver value to multiple stakeholders: customers, employees, investors, and turkey phone number  founders. They are only looking for their own profit. Their attitude of “putting others first” will, in the long run, increase their loyalty to the business. 5. Women believe that success comes from hard work, not just being “amazing.” They are willing to do what it takes to succeed and don’t let their egos get in the way.

Failure, which is inevitable, is not a crisis of self-esteem

But a redoubling of effort. 6. Women share the fruits of their labor. For their contributions and dynamics. 7. Women wonder if their decisions were right. They consult others about important decisions to make sure they haven’t missed anything. They are not afraid to change course when new information or learning comes to light. 8. Women don’t take many risks. This means that the risks they take are more calculated and well-thought out. They don’t overextend their companies chasing shiny goals or the latest popular ideas. 9. Women don’t negotiate hard for the price that’s most advantageous to them.

They understand that the price paid or received is not everything

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They think about value more broadly and understand the price that relationships and processes require. 10. Women value their lives outside of work. Their dedication Dominican Republic Phone Number List to the company only grows as they lead fulfilling  lives outside of work. They know that friends and family are an important part of their overall sense of fulfillment, and that work-life balance is important to both themselves and their companies. This certainly doesn’t apply to all women. Not all of them will even apply to one woman. But all of them may fit into the loss model of being a woman that many of us fall back on.

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