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Conversions tell you whether your content moves people to take action. Did the content move people to take action in some way? Content that ultimately doesn’t get people to take When there is great  some action doesn’t count. Action may be three months or phone number for russia a year down the road, but your message should lead people to make decisions and take action. Will they eventually buy something, donate, sign up for your newsletter, join your community, or review your product after seeing your content? You may be wondering now if I’m going to say that conversion is king. But that’s not true. Conversions are just results. Sales, subscriptions, and downloads are results. What is the essence of this process? The “king” is communication.

Don’t feel like they’re being persuaded to do

something; they’re inspired to do something. They act on their own with the energy that overflows from them. You are just a caretaker. The story I remember best when I was  a child was about the north wind and the sun competing to take off a man’s coat. At first it was a north wind. He blew the wind as hard as he could, but he couldn’t get the man to take off his coat. In fact, the harder he blew, the tighter the man wrapped himself in his coat. Then came the sun’s turn. The sun rose high in the sky and warmed everything below.

The man easily took off his coat

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When I recently attended a presentation by Simon Sinek in New York City , I had a front row seat to a wonderful communication experience. He talked about  how important it is for a business to have a purpose. Having higher goals motivates people to move forward. Being part of a mission bigger than selling a product motivates people to endure Cambodia WhatsApp Number List and overcome inevitable challenges. Passion lifts people to extraordinary heights. That was Simon’s point. I’ve heard it before and you probably have too. However, Simon is an excellent communicator. His Ted Talk was one of the most popular Ted Talks of all time.

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