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There are also websites that offer various types of services. Understood people who want to sell their knowlge, mentoring or coaching specialists, or technical specialists. Conversions are also measur by marketing agencies, real estate agents, freelancers with a portfolio website and any other website that wants to attract attention and engage audiences. For this reason, in addition to making a transaction, a conversion can be filling out a form , registering a user account, making contact by the recipient by phone or e-mail, leaving contact details of a potential customer and others.

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There are two types of conversion,  macro and micro. Macro conversions a strategic point of view. They concern the most important purposes, i.e. relat to the company’s revenue, e.g. making a purchase in the case of an online store or submitting a contact form on a website offering smart home system installation services. Other examples of macro conversions could be: clicking on the phone number/icon, clicking on the e-mail address icon, clicking on a sponsor Philippines Phone Number List link on a partner website, social mia account registration. Micro conversions These are smaller goals that bring a potential customer closer to a sale or other strategic goal.

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Apotential customer subscribes to a newsletter to receive information about news and promotions. Other micro goals could be: making contact by phone or e-mail, registering a customer account on the website, sending an inquiry form, watching a video on the website, clicking on a button or banner, adding a product to the basket, using an internal search engine, displaying the key subpage of the website, will remain on the website for a certain period of time, downloading materials from the website, a pdf file. What is a conversion rate? Of users who have LOB Directory achiev the expect goal in relation to all users of the website.

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