There’s nothing worse than suddenly

Watching your partner sweat and answer tough questions his way is funny and a great learning experience! Tip #4: Time yourself Place a timer next to yourself and practice speaking. That way you can see how much time you have spent. There’s nothing worse than suddenly realizing in the middle of a talk that you only have one minute left to explain four slides.. Tip #5: Try your story. Call your mother-in-law (or father) and explain your story over the phone.  6: Answer all questions Make sure you have answers to the following questions: Who is your audience? What is your marketing plan? How much money do you need? How much profit are you thinking about? Be firm and firm when answering these questions.

Don’t think on the spot. Don’t try to attract

Interest by being secretive about these issues. That doesn’t work. When practicing with a video camera and playing the role of the bad guy (I mean VC), think about all the questions you can think of, not just the questions you can answer. Tip 7: Don’t pretend, lie, or try to be smart. Things you shouldn’t say: You don’t really need the money right now (so why are you here?), Your exit is going to be an IPO or an acquisition by Google (which investors know) , this is a ksa phone numbers sure thing (no such thing exists), there are no competitors (either you’re lying, you haven’t done your research, or your product sucks), do it yourself. (More important than ideas, money, and timing is being an entrepreneur. If you don’t do it, no one will.

And never tell them they should make a decision

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Right away because there are other investors waiting. Unless it’s true! Tip #8: Take care of yourself ‘I don’t like to sell. They should accept me for who I am. I’m not going to dress p for them. There is an entrepreneur who says, That may sound cool in a bar, but when you go to meet investors, they see more of you than your idea or company. You are your company! So if you’re late, unshaven, unfriendly, or smelly, you create a bad impression, and so France WhatsApp Number List does your company. What’s more, it makes undeniable predictions about how you will treat important partners, clients, and employees in the future. If you don’t respect investors, you won’t respect anyone else who will be important in the future. So, take your hands out of your pockets, stand up straight, smile, use polite language, open the door for your investors, be on time, serve them coffee or something to drink, and don’t interrupt them! Don’t say too many ‘ah’s’ or ‘hmm’s.

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