There wasn’t much money

.Pavel, you have been at Kwork for 5 years. How long have you been freelancing in general? In fact, I am a freelancer with 18 years of experience, and my mother brought me into freelancing. When I was 17 years old, I entered university and went to study in Moscow. : student life, you know. At that time, my mother was already working as a freelancer and began to give me various small tasks, like filling out websites. And so, while I was studying, I made these orders, developed and worked with regular customers. And my mother, by the way, is still busy filling online stores and websites. Where were you looking for orders at that time? I’m afraid I can’t say for sure. Of course, there were no exchanges or specialized sites for working on the Internet at that time – everything was at the initial stage

Only there was it possible for

performers to find orders, and for customers to solve their problems. All these years of freelancing, have you only been involved in filling out websites? At what point did you switch to data parsing? Sometimes there were orders for photo editing, but mostly I was engaged in united states phone numbers list filling online stores, and never left freelancing. Even when he got a job at a factory as a design engineer and developed industrial fans. I left for work at 7 am, returned at 6 pm, took half an hour for lunch, and freelanced until 1 am. And when my first daughter was born, I decided to quit my job at the factory and go freelance completely. The decision was not easy, but my wife supported me, and from freelancing I was already earning the same amount as at the factory.

But the decision was made, and

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I have never regretted it. In general, I continued to work as a content manager, and one day I made an order for a client, as always, on my own, manually. And he offered me a more optimal option and taught me how to parse using his own project. I still remember him, he showed and explained to me all the basics and basic principles. And that’s how my journey in parsing began with this client: I began to work only in one direction, without being scattered on Croatia Phone Number List other tasks. Pavel’s profile on Kwork How can scraping help a business? In general, parsing is the collection of information, the same as if we did it manually with copy-paste, only automated. But manually, if you really want to, you can fill out about 100 products in a day, copying all the images and characteristics.


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