There are certain designs which

Does your site need updating? Is it outdated? This is a question that you have to know how to ask yourself from time to time even if it is not easy to realize it when it is all the time before our eyes. However, it is important that your customers/prospects can feel good on your site. If this is not the case, visitors will leave your site and it is then a loss of a phone number database percentage of your turnover. We’ve listed the 5 signs that your website is outdated. When a visitor arrives on your site he is looking for information. If your site is no longer up to date, the information will be incorrect and will be unusable.

The design of your site looks old

Even if it is a very small part of the websites, there are sites whose design has remained that of the 90s. Although tastes and colors are not discussed.  do not are more fashionable. More and more searches are done via mobile devices, if your site is not mobile friendly, it’s high time to change that. Nowadays we even speak of mobile first. There is nothing more frustrating than coming across a site. That is not suitable for your smartphone, it is certainly a lost visitor. Thanks to plugins and other extensions, it is possible to add an incalculable number of tools to your site allowing.

Current tools are not used


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A visitor into a prospect and then into a customer. If your site does not use these tools, it means that you are not taking advantage of the opportunities that a website can offer you. If your site meets  the above criteria, it will not be surprising that it is not in Bulgaria Phone Number List the first results of Google. For what? Because Google penalizes sites that are no longer updated . This penalty will reduce your number of visitors and therefore your turnover. If your site meets its criteria, you are certainly losing potential customers. Do you need a new site. There is nothing more frustrating than coming across a site that is not suitable.

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