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First, this activity may violate Google’s own paid link guidelines. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s anti-spam team, said they believe sponsored posts as a way uk phone numbers list to gain links is unacceptable for the algorithm. Nonetheless, a sponsored post from Google uses this exact trick:. An arrow pointing to a link Will. Google retire  to the Google Chrome download page. As noted at the bottom of the page. This article appears to be exclusive to this post as it is part of a Google-sponsored event.

Therefore, both the author of the page and Google

Have violated Google’s guidelines and may be banned from Google.  hosted on YouTube, and clicking on it doesn’t open a video  page; instead, it takes you to a Google Chrome download page via a JavaScript link that Google understands.  Paid links received widespread attention last year after Google fined J.C. Penney, Forbes, and Overstock for using paid links. Additionally, Google banned its affiliate BeatThatQuote last year over the same issue. Additionally, in 2009, Google Japan was punished for the same issue, but instead of being expelled. The company took steps to reduce its ability to remain in the top rankings for 11 months.

This means Google may have to ban paid links from

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Google Chrome download pages. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is the worst result from Google, which is busy promoting Google Chrome to get Discuss the possibility of collaborating with a blogger on barter. This is a profitable option when the blogger receives your product or service in exchange for promotion. 2. If your brand is already well-known and you have many subscribers, you can offer the blogger mutual promotion. people to  search or it.  Most of the posts I checked did not link to Google or Google Chrome pages.

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