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This is what we deliver to our customers. In this particular case, it was the Fix Analytics product , which was design to support companies at such a crucial moment as strengthening – or in some cases – starting sales activities during the pandemic. We are very pleas that this product has been notic among the nominees and award the main prize – says Konrad Błazenek, CEO of Semahead. Fix Analytics – is your analytics working properly? Allows you to generate a report verifying the correct configuration of your Google Analytics account. As a result, within a maximum of days, we prepare a detail analysis for our clients, including, among others, an assessment of the current state and a recommendation for corrective actions. All information is gather in one easy-to-read document.

Trusting data is a fundamental issue

Why is it so important According to our data, nearly % of Google Analytics accounts are misconfigur. Thanks to the Fix Analytics tool, we check and fix elements such as: the correct implementation of Google Analytics, the correct ordering of traffic to channels or the correctness of measuring business goals.  if we want to know the users of our website and Azerbaijan Phone Number List make the right business decisions. Fix Analytics checks the correctness of the key settings of the tool, so you can be sure about the quality of your analyzes ” – explains Ewa Kańczuk – Head of Digital Analytics at Semahead.

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In the case of stores this topic

Read the full interview with Ewa and learn more: “Fix Analytics – make sure you’re not losing money with your data. One of the most important benefits of having Google Analytics on your website is the ability to analyze the effectiveness of the acquir traffic.  Is to some extent taken care of by the e-commerce module and transaction counting. However, what if you don’t have a store, and also when you want to verify the performance of other actions by the user – the so-call micro LOB Directory conversions adding a product to the basket? That’s when goals come in handy.

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