The timing and date of publication

a brand representative or blogger discusses various topics, including the brand itself and its products. Collaborations. Here a brand and a blogger create something new together. For example, they release a collection of clothes with the name or quotes of a blogger. Ambassadorship. Volume of text (if required) and number of marks/links. Main triggers, theses and main messages for the target audience, so that the influencer can convey them to his subscribers. of the advertisement, as well as possible consequences for violating the terms of cooperation. The technical specification should be part of the cooperation agreement to avoid problems in the future. How to measure advertising effectiveness among bloggers When evaluating advertising campaigns with bloggers, there are three main indicators to consider: CPM (cost per thousand impressions) CPF (cost of attracting one subscriber) CPL/CPS (cost of lead/price of one order)

To track conversions and targeted

actions, you can use UTM tags , which can be added to links in stories. Data on conversions and target actions can be tracked in Google Analytics or Yandex. Metrica. If you have your own affiliate program, you can use referral links . A few final life hacks 1. Discuss the possibility of collaborating with a blogger on barter. This is a profitable option when the blogger reverse phone mexico receives your product or service in exchange for promotion. 2. If your brand is already well-known and you have many subscribers, you can offer the blogger mutual promotion. The main condition is that the number of subscribers and their involvement should be approximately at the same level. 3. Give the blogger the opportunity to be creative. Creative, atypical methods of promotion will work better than standard ones. Plan some original scenarios in advance and discuss the details with the blogger. 4. Gradually include the blogger in your long-term advertising strategy. You can offer cooperation on an ongoing basis, where the blogger regularly mentions your company and gives his subscribers special promotional codes.

5. Collaborate with several bloggers

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at the same time. This will allow you to reach a larger target audience. It is important that the chosen bloggers differ from each other in style and topic, but their audience matches your target one. By following our tips and instructions, you are guaranteed Croatia Phone Number List to get the desired result from promoting with influencers. Keep up with the times and may you always be lucky to find good bloggers! And if you are concerned about the effectiveness of integrations, use the service . It will free you from routine tasks and make the process of promotion in stories simple and effective.

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