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These data are often unavailable from Google Analytcis, so it is even more worth using the data in the Google tool. If you want to know the products that do not generate impressions and clicks, use the Product ID report: Reports -> Prefin reports -> Product -> Shopping – Product ID. The report can be freely modifi – we will be interest in information about Clicks, Views and Product ID.  Be delet or (depending on your nes) analyze products using other available metrics. Then, to display only products that don’t generate clicks, use a filter.

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The final report looks like this: Source: Google Ads Remember to save the prepar report in your Google Ads account so that you can return to it and update it at any time. Use Google Sheets The report creat above should be download and sav in a .csv file, and then import to the newly creat Google Sheets file, adjusting the column descriptions to the nomenclature Egypt Phone Number List us in Google Merchant Center.  In this article, it is enough to leave only the product ID in the file. Source: Google Deploy additional fes A document prepar in Google Sheets in this way can be us in Google Merchant Center as an additional data file.

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To do this, go to the “Add additional fe” section. Source: Google Merchant Center Then we give the appropriate name for our file. As a way to set up your fe, select Google Sheets and use an existing spreadsheet (previously creat in Google Sheets). We set the file download schule according to individual nes. To sum up: We’ve reach the point where we have creat an additional fe containing products that do not generate clicks – now we ne to assign the appropriate rule to it. Settings and then to the fe rules section. Create a new rule LOB Directory on a label that you have never us before, Custom label.

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