The Performance Max Campaign

Another option focus mainly on local promotion is the possibility of focusing the campaign on finding new potential customers of the premises. It assumes a special budget for acquiring conversions from new customers, which is tantamount to the fact that most of the conversions made on the campaign will come from them, if we choose this option. Fun fact  replaces smart product campaigns and local campaigns. After September , these two campaigns will cease to function. Google gave us the option to go automatically or manually.

Remember that the good performance

Interestingly after the automatic transition with the help of the system, the data from the period precing the transition will cease to exist. The only place where we will be able to view them is in Google Analytics, if we had it connect to our account. Important!  Of local advertising depends to a large extent on a very well-made store’s business card in Google My Business. New in Performance Max As this is a campaign focus mainly on automatic action, what did we as specialists get as compensation? Well, we got much more develop statistics compar to the rest of the Real Mobile Phone Numbers campaign. At the first fire after entering this tab, we see the results of the week and forecast conversions.

Phone Number List

They Show us product categories

Then we move on to “Campaign Performance”. It tells us what factors influence good or bad results. Among other things, I suggest changing budgets or switching to different bidding. Customer study. That is, the place where we will find out what queries our ad was display for. And what conversions and number of searches it has.  And their keywords and the trend they have taken recently. Going further, we will find a segment dicat to the audience. It focuses on what proportion of customers interact with our ads. On each of them, it shows the LOB Directory participation in conversions, which can be a great source for future optimization of our campaign.

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