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However, this applies only to a selected part of users of this tool. Do you want to know if you are the “lucky one”? What data do you need to pay special attention to? You will find the answers to these questions in this article. It’s no secret that one of the top topics of data collection right now is user privacy.  Their data by blocking the display of ads or using special plug-ins that block the activities of tracking scripts, such as the Facebook pixel, is growing. Browsers also pay more attention to the type of information they collect.

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Update Chrome In September , Google published a communication about the changes introduced in connection with the protection of data privacy: According to statistical data from the Stat Counter portal , in , over % of users around the world used the Chrome browser. Been affected by the changes. And what were they about? First of all, there has been an update to the list of referral sites consired as organic search results in GA (you can take a look at it Uruguay Phone Number List here. Other, not includ in this list, which we want to treat as search engines, we can add to unpaid search sources (using the path Service Administration Tracking information  Unpaid search sources.

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In addition, information about the version of the browser we use has been limited – only its main version number is visible.  Is how GA collects organic traffic data. Note that Chrome mentions the ga.js version of the GA tracking co in its message. Let’s systematize the history of changes to this co. Google Analytics tracking co version history In November , Google introduced the first version of Google Analytics based on Urchin, a web analytics program. He did not immediately make any changes to the unrlying javascript file – js . In April , Google Analytics launched the LOB Directory synchronous co, which includ the ga.

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