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This is a challenge for them, and as SEO specialists, our task is to make it easier, which is why it is worth using noscript tags so that robots can freely and joyfully navigate through each subpage, rendering all available content. the noscript tag are: – sliders that we want to be visible after disabling JavaScript; – drop-down lists according to FAQ type drop-down lists in some stores. Empik example: – content hidden under the button, “read more”, or “show all” as in : – internal links implement by Java Script for some reason, and we want them to be functional after disabling JS, – in Google Tag Manager implementation.

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When installing GTM, it is recommend to add two codes: one in the HEAD section of the tag <script>and the other in the BODY section with the tag . It is not worth omitting any of these codes (although you can!), because thanks to them Google Tag Manager can work properly and collect data regardless of whether the given browser supports Java Script. In the ->  noscript in your code. More about custom events can be found in the article: semahead. agency Honduras Mobile Number List Do I ne a noscript tag at all? How is the website owner suppos to know what is visible, what is not, and what may be visible but not always on his website.

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Is the noscript tag necessary at all? Tools that allow you to simulate browsing a page with JS turn off come in handy. For the Chrome browser, it is a  you to disable Java Script and check the functionality of the website without this solution. Of course, this is not the only functionality of this tool. It is a very useful tool in SEO work – you can disable not only LOB Directory JavaScript, but also CSS to see what the page looks like when it is unformatt, it shows.

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