Financial management within your clinic or mical center as. The clinic management program provides assistance to.  The doctor to manage his own clinic himself. In an easy and simple manner away from many complexities and details and to save time us in registration. The most important of these features are. Possibility of adding contracts and determining the clinic’s percentage and discount Review return appointments for patients receiving consultation.

Complete follow up of revenues

Expenses and printing reports on the clinic’s profits losses and net income. It supports the Autocomplete data completion feature.  While writing in Poland Telegram Number Data various fields to facilitate data entry. The ability to store drug names and doses. The program includes a complete file for most drugs available in pharmacies.The possibility of placing the program on the clinic’s internal network and connecting it to a device for the secretary doctor accounts store or pharmacy. A high level security system that saves and retrieves the database and enables you to determine the powers of employees in the clinic.

Telegram Data

The ability to conduct a quick

Examination of the patient and create a treatment prescription that includes the name of the patient the treating physician the type of examination Czech Republic Phone Number List and its price with the clinic’s logo and print. The doctor can view the number of his cases at any time and the total revenues for all types of his statements in the event that he deals with If you are in the process of organizing your clinic’s work electronically check out the comprehensive guide that we have creat on how to equip your private clinic and the most important factors for its success or you can register your data now and request a trial version of the program. To contact sales The best software company for your services.

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