The Hidden Engine of Excellence by Daniel Goleman

It is the easy-to-read and immediately applicable development of ideas he introduced 10 years ago in his best-selling emotional intelligence book . It is much shorter and focuses on career and work issues. The 21 chapters are organized in terms of activities, eg, self-awareness, reading others, well-focused leaders. As a result, it is less of a general manual and more of a guide to best practices for day-to-day interactions with bosses, colleagues and clients.

It’s a great example of psychological research that boils down to acceptance, recognition, and day-to-day self-management. (Note: Focus was originally in 2013, but the paperback edition that’s much easier to read and take to the beach has just been released.)

Driven to Distraction at Work: How to Focus and Be More Productive by Edward M. Hallowell

Ultimately, distraction is probably the biggest killer of russia phone number content marketing productivity. There is distraction everywhere in today’s world 24/7, always connected. I suspect content marketers are particularly vulnerable because those I’ve met are truly passionate about creating, curating, and sharing ideas, words, and visual images.

Pioneering ADHD researcher Hallowell coined the phrase “Attention Deficit Trait” to describe the growing problem in today’s workplace. In the first part, he describes “The six most common distractions at work – and how to overcome them”. For better or worse, I recognized most of them, screen sucking, multitasking, brainstorming, etc. Part two, “Train Your Attention,” outlines seven specific ways to increase your focus. Imagine how much more productive you would be by January 2016 if you mastered just one technique per month from now on.

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Subscription Marketing: Strategies for Nurturing Customers in a World of Churn by Anne H. Janzer

Positioning a new book in the content marketing sphere isn’t easy – there are plenty of books available and many are well-established bestsellers.

One of the things I love most about subscription marketing is book positioning. By identifying a key concern faced by all content marketers and sharing a system to address it, Anne Janzer has created a niche she can dominate in the world of content marketing.

Anne also positioned her book in terms of length Croatia Phone Number List and value . In less than 150 pages (print version), Anne convincingly describes:

  1. The problem(i.e. symptoms and implications of changing subscription)
  2. The solution(i.e. an alternative, a series of value strategies)
  3. Implementation (e. putting the strategies into action)

I especially liked Chapter 10, “Helping Clients Live by Their Values.” This provided new insight into the opportunities highlighted by recent research.

Content Marketing Works: 8 Steps to Transforming Your Business by Arnie and Brad Kuenn

Some books are so good that you want to buy the paperback version even after reading the Kindle version. That’s how I feel about Content Marketing Works .

While reading the digital version, I found many ideas that I wanted to highlight, comment on or reference in future projects. (Yes, I realize Kindle offers a way to.

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