The Future of Content Creation Requires Humans Not Robots

A version of this article appeared in the June 2015 Chief Content Officer magazine in an exploration of the debate between machined and crafted content. Questions were provided by Clare McDermott, CCO’s editor. My argument for crafting content can be in these answers below. Want to hear the machined content side? Read Ann Rockley response on our blog.

What is the future of content creation?

The future of content creation is a powerful blend of technology and technique. Most organizations are adopting the former, so the latter will become a higher priority in the coming years. Marketers will realize that the days of being first and/or loudest are over and stop looking for shortcuts and efficiencies that  undermine quality; instead, they will hire, train, and promote individuals capable of being brilliant and prolific creatives.

You talked about the art of content creation. What do you mean?

I used the term craft to describe the painfully obvious part of content marketing that brands and marketers weirdly overlook or avoid: the more creative reverse phone directory mexico the humans behind the content, the better the piece. Or put it more concisely: Bots haven’t replaced writers, no matter how much brands wish it was a technology problem, not a recruiting problem.

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And like any business where giving a damn is a separating factor. There is a certain level of craftsmanship behind this style of content marketing. Unfortunately, because we want to automate everything and because. We don’t understand (or perhaps don’t care to understand) fluffy notions like creativity, we end up hurting our own causes.

So instead of blaming technology or tactics when things go wrong. I’d like to see us invest more in better trained, more creative human beings who can produce really great content. Organizations that overinvest in distribution and underinvest in production end up trying to fly failed missiles, and. When that doesn’t work, they smear more paint on the hull. Great content marketers. However, will revisit the real circuit – they’ll start by creating something that can really take off in the first place. They are better to examine the circuits of what makes the content great.

Are scale and automation killing the business?

It depends on what you mean by scale since it is Denmark Phone Number List a relative term. Can Content Marketing Scale Like PPC? Absolutely not! You can’t extract the human component from content and automate the core competency of producing media and telling stories.

But can technology, a good process, and good training help you scale content beyond what you’re probably doing today? Yes, a million times, yes. On the tools side alone, we are already seeing more companies and resources emerging to help with physical content creation, which complements all of the tools already available for workflow, distribution, and analytics. Some of my favorite content creation tools and resources include Canva and for design, Directr for video, Unsplash for photography, and Grammarly, Byword, and Hemingwrite for writing.



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