Saudi Arabia Oct Mohamm Elgendy If you are a business.  Owner or a small company you are certain to be expos.  To closing your accounts a.  The end of each financial year. Therefore you ne an accounting program that helps you close the financial year and store inventory. The Easy Store account management program is one of the most powerful accounting.  Programs in the Arab woMar Mohamm Elgendy.  Accounts program for managing supermarkets and groceries It internal bookkeeping The store manager must deal with internal bookkeeping and bookkeeping.

Work to achieve profitability

Coordinate financial accounts. To perform these tasks successfully a supermarket manager must be able to constantly learn work under pressure and deal with multipl Hong Kong Telegram Number Data Datachanges. Features of the supermarket program Make sales and purchase invoices on a quick screen Issuing sales invoices for any sale and printing them in seconds The Arabic program interface is easy to use Full VAT support Record an infinite number via barcode Read the scale barcode and calculate the weight automatically Inventorying stores using barcodes in the shortest possible time.

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Connect branches to one database

Multiple stores and branches and appoint a user for each store Preparing the trial balance income statement and profitability report Recording the value of assets Belarus Phone Number List capital and perishable value Managing all of the sales purchasing and accounts departments Create more than different reports Protection against tampering with accounts and invoices for employees Determine users’ permissions on the program according to their work Registering safes banks checks loans and advances Personnel affairs system Registration of customers suppliers representatives and companies.

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