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The second recommends the opposite approach, i.e. creating the entire article, and at the very end matching the most aquate and matching the content of the text with an attractive headline. Is one of the options clearly better? I’m not going to take an extreme stance on this. A lot pends on the methodology of the copywriter’s work. If he does solid research and a tail plan of the article before writing, he is able to come up with a good title right away and then only refine it. Write more “ad hock”, then only during the work on the text an interesting thread may appear, which is also worth highlighting in the title itself.

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I have a mega title – I can die! Not so fast! The title is the first point of contact with your brand (if you publish in the so-call own mia), but the number of views is only the beginning of the “game” for the attention of the target group.  Quality, badly it, its style and language will not match your target group, there will be errors on the page or the view of the content will not be adjust to the vice on which the rear consumes it, your efforts to create the perfect title will go to Henan Mobile Phone Numbers waste. wast. It would be a pity, wouldn’t it? Therefore, always create content in accordance with the principles of webwriting and m-webwriting, and remember that each content must fit strategically: ially in the content marketing or broar marketing strategy.

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Remember – in addition to the number of views and users, the following will also be important in measuring the effectiveness of content marketing activities: average time spent on the subpage; bounce rate; number  e.g. to a page with a scription of your services, product or configurator; the number of micro-conversions, e.g. subscribing to a newsletter or filling out a contact form number of direct and assist conversions; engagement LOB Directory measur e.g. in the number of content shares or comments unr the content.

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