Program is one of the best accounting programs in the Arab world because it contains multiple lists for managing all departments and various commercial activities. It also supports the electronic invoicing system in Saudi Arabia supports the electronic receipt system in Egypt links with the Egyptian Tax Authority and the Saudi Zakat Authority and supports the value added tax VAT . Therefore your choice of the. Easy Store program may be one of the best decisions that can be made as the program helps you manage all departments of your activity and store items stores.

Purchases sales accounts

Maintenance employees reports and this is what you need to manage your business. General features of the Easy Store.  Account management Mexico WhatsApp Number Data program. The program is also considered one of the best accounting programs for managing commercial activities through.  Several features that help you manage the commercial activity with ease including Add an infinite number of different items item weight piece box carton. Adding stores and determining who is responsible for each store. The possibility of transferring between warehouses inventory management and sales. Export and import items from Excel sheets Use barcodes to inventory stores faster.

Whatsapp Data

Managing each of the accounts

Sales and purchasing departments in detail. The program works completely on the accounting cycle system. The program fully supports value added tax Producing more than detailed reports to follow up on the progress of work. Preparing the trial Armenia Phone Number List balance income statement and profitability report.  Making sales and purchase invoices It is considered a comprehensive and integrated billing program for all types of invoices and taxes and is compatible with them Recording the value of assets capital and perishable value Registering treasury and bank accounts checks loans and advances Supporting bank loan accounts and managing the installment system Add data and accounts of customers suppliers representatives and companies Department of Human Ressources.

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