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Like BR, it is useful in answering the question of whether customers are engag with our site. You could say that in this version of GA the glass is half full, not half empty. Is it worth setting up Google Analytics ? Quick and easy setup Creating a new service is a quick and pleasant process.  You through the steps necessary for the proper functioning of the tool. Automatic event collection A great enhancement to Google Analytics is the built-in set of automatically track events . Thanks to them, without much effort, we are able to monitor views, page scrolling on the site, searches, file downloads, or user involvement in video content. Just move the slider and tracking is turn on.

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Transparency of reports In addition to visual changes, GA makes the data it contains understandable for every user. You no longer have to wonder if a given metric can be combin with a specific dimension. In UA, tracking is bas on activities, sessions, users and products, while in Google Analytics all these scopes are contain in one – event.  Cross-device tracking becomes more accessible. You don’t ne to implement user accounts on your website to know that one of the Complete List Of Unit Phone Database customers likes to start the shopping process by browsing the smartphone while cooking dinner, and end up on the laptop in front.

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Analysis module Google Analytics offers an excellent reporting option that until now was only available to premium users. In order to create custom, personaliz reports, we can use the “Analysis” module. Customer paths, create a cohort analysis and use the user behavior explorer. Free access to Big Query In this iteration of Google Analytics, data export to the BigQuery data warehouse is free. This gives you the opportunity to download raw LOB Directory data and combine them, e.g. with data from CRM.

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