The concept of user intent appear

The Google search engine facilitates the use of legal content, presenting all possible places where we can see the material legally: Be heard legally: Humming-bird The Koliber algorithm makes it easy to find answers to complex questions. It is thanks to him that the term “long tail phrases” was coin. It help Google robots analyze pages as a whole, and not as individual phrases. Was no longer just about the invariable key phrase, but also about what exactly the user want to find. Thanks to Kolibr, websites that do not have exact match phrases can still be high in search results, as long as they match the general intent of the query.

Thanks to Kolibr local searches

Google has start to deal with synonyms, although not always successfully. Are more important without the ne to enter cities (Google locates the device itself) and websites that cover the entire thematic issue are scor. Koliber checks the potential usefulness of a given content, which is why we should pay attention to it. In addition, it is this algorithm that is responsible for the zero result, i.e. the result that appears in Google search results without having to click. The name Costa Rica Phone Number List Google Hummingbird (Hummingbird) comes from the spe and precision that this change in the search engine provides. It can be consider one of the key changes in recent years.

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Thanks to the improvements

The implementation of this algorithm result in the fact that in the SERP you can see more subpages of websites, and not just the main pages. It is estimat that Koliber chang % of search results. Pigeon and Possum Google Pigeon is an algorithm that improves queries and local searches. Since the update, Google has better match organic results with maoch search results. It is not necessary to enter the city in the query, because Google will adjust the result to the user’s current location. It has become necessary to carefully complete the Google business card and LOB Directory provide as much information as possible in Google My Business.

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