The combination of knowlge experience

Together with the tools offer by Google, we become an even more qualitative partner in the implementation and planning of strategic international projects.  And access to data is a guarantee of real sales forecasting on foreign markets, knowlge-bas planning and implementation of effective actions for our partners – says yta Frąckowiak, Vice President of the Management Board of Semahead. We have been helping our clients to conquer foreign markets for years. Only in the last year we have successfully operat in countries, implementing sales campaigns for our partners in places such as.

The export process is a complex

Croatia Hungary Germany The czech republic Bulgaria Taiwan Singapore Hong Kong UK USA UAE Norway Finland Denmark Slovakia Ireland How is the export process?  Undertaking. Funding the budget, launching the campaign and watching the statistics is just the culmination of a complex cycle. Before we initiate the first campaign for you, we will develop a detail strategy: Identification of opportunities We check which markets you should enter Israel Phone Number List with your product in the first place to gain the most. Thanks to tools from Google, analyzes and research, we offer you the most developmental and prospective directions of expansion of your business.

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Verification of entry barriers We are preparing for you a full package. Of information on legal and tax requirements that you must meet to start e-commerce abroad. Thanks to our cooperation with Google, we have detail knowlge of almost every market.  You will learn what are good web design practices. what shopping behaviors are common. And what it means for your business. Operational strategy Together with Google product specialists. We deal with the localization of your website on foreign markets – from content translation. Through payments and customer care, to suggesting the best logistics options. Marketing strategy We check which markets you LOB Directory should enter. With your product in the first place to gain the most.

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