Currently – taking into account the several-year tradition of Black Friday in our country – there is no ne to explain the very essence of this event to anyone. % of Poles know what Black Friday is. What’s more, up to % of people taking part in a shopping madness know in advance plan what they are going to buy.  That are in the lead on this day includes, in particular, clothing and footwear, cosmetics and perfumes, as well as electronics and household appliances. Poles treat Black Friday as an opportunity to buy much cheaper things that they have been intending to buy for a long time electronics, household appliances and audio/video devices etc.

Christmas by less than a month

If something breaks or nes to be replac – Black Friday is a great opportunity to buy it much cheaper than on any other day of the year It is also worth noting that Black Friday preces Mikołajki, commonly celebrat in Poland, by just one week and  Black Friday is therefore a great opportunity to buy gifts for lov ones at bargain prices , which will certainly be taken advantage of by the most prudent and those who plan ahead. Thirdly, Black Friday falls at the moment Switzerland Mobile Number List when we enter the new season and prepare for the imminent arrival of winter. So this is a great opportunity and also the last call! to buy winter shoes.

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It is worth remembering that for latecomers there is also Cyber ​​Monday – or “digital Monday. Another of the sales holidays is a kind of extension of Black is extend to the entire weekend, and attractive offers are valid until Monday inclusive. Originally, Cyber ​​Monday focus on offers relat to the promotion of goods from the electronics department, but now it is also successfully introduc by stores from LOB Directory completely different industries.  A coat or other warm clothing for the new season.


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