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Can it be set somehow? Answer Carolina January , at : Carolina wrote: Hello.  Reports is affect by the User and event data retention setting, which can be found in the service settings. Note that it only affects the Explore reports. By default, Google Analytics stores data for months. With such settings, we will only have access to historical data from the last months. This value can be chang to months.Thus, in Explorer, the maximum date range that we can set is months (after changing the default settings). More information about important configuration elements and how they affect data collection in GA can be found in our other article.

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Answer add comment Your e-mail address will not be publish. Requir fields are mark  comment How to position a company’s business card in Google Maps? SEO August , Angelika Zaleska Using the Google search engine, it is difficult not to come across the Google Maps business card.  about a given company and allow you to check the level of services offer Brazil Phone Number List thanks to the opinions. Should every business have a Google listing? What benefits can come from this? These are questions that not one business owner has ask himself.

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If we decide to create it, we should take care of its proper optimization. So that it achieves the greatest possible visibility. How to do it? What is Google My Business? Google My Business ( Google My Business ) is a tool provid by Google that allows you to create and manage business cards of a given company.  log in with your previously creat Google account. Why is it worth setting up a Google business card? There are two main benefits of having a business card. The first of LOB Directory them is the presentation of the company on the web, which can now be the proverbial to be or not to be.

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