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List of advertising targets – new version. You can read more about advertising objectives and other social mia that can also use a similar format to promot posts in the post: Social mia advertising possibilities . There will also be a few more words. A daily or total budget. The budget can be set at the campaign or ad set level. We can also specify the type of bidding in the advertising auctions to be able to stay ahead of other advertisers with greater ease. The campaign schule is more flexible here, because for some goals we can set the frequency with which the ad should be display or the hours in which it should be visible.

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We also have more scope for placements and we can use the post a bit like an ordinary advertisement and, depending on meeting the placement requirements, be display in different places on Facebook, Instagram and the audience network, and within them we can choose not only news, but instant articles, search results, stories. In the manager are the detail targeting options and the ability to target non-standard and similar audiences, thanks to Lebanon Phone Number List which, at a fairly high level of precision, we can specify the target group and make the content of the advertisement reach the right target group. At the ad level, you can add a CTA or more technical elements, such as tagging.

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We can also preview what the ad will look like in individual placements, it several entries at once, add a post already publish or just plann for publication to the promotion. Goals of advertising campaigns with the post Activity is associat with getting reactions, so it is often select for promot posts, but it is optimiz for all types of activity. List of post activity metrics the graphics, content, circumstances that the post will hit – comments and reactions can be good or bad, accidental clicks, and sometimes videos turn on by themselves, so we can think that it’s going great, but it’s not. What is important here is a thorough qualitative analysis of the results and checking their translation into business goals.

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