The “act of paying for a link

When this PR campaign failed and was suddenly canceled, everyone involved was deemed to be as guilty as Google, and all of them were summed up. Because there is a possibility of being buried. The tyrant Google and the propaganda king Google are teaming up. We’ll have to get along well. Update: Danny Sullivan explains how Google’s Chrome ad buys created a german mobile phone number lot of the low-quality, compensatory, and outdated content that the Panda update was supposed to prevent . This article is a translated version of ” This Post is Sponsored by Google ” published in SEO Book . This article originally sparked an uproar in the early part of the. New Year, as search industry opinion leader Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land followed up on it.

The Search Engine Land article

Which was also featured in the update of the article above, will also be translated and distributed within this week, so please take a look. Looking at the content, I don’t think you intentionally wanted to get paid  links from bloggers, but that’s how it turned out. The “act of paying for a link” is being criticized. But again, I don’t think it was intentional, but  All paid links, is criticizing it this time. Is it okay if it happens?

Personally, I think this incident shows one

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Aspect of the difficulty of the paid link problem, but essentially it points to the act of paying bloggers. To write articles in the first place, and the issue of such campaigns. I Dominican Republic Phone Number List felt like there could have been a little more discussion about the rules for doing so. — SEO JapanMany bloggers don’t even last a year. In fact, writing a blog is much more difficult than many people think. Isn’t it easy to write an online diary about your favorite topic and have people read it? That’s wrong. in that they quickly burn out. Avoid these common pitfalls and stay in long distance running! table.

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