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PPC – advantages PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising is short for cost per click. In this model, the advertiser pays not for displaying the ad itself, but for clicks that direct recipients to a website where they can familiarize themselves with the offer. The PPC ad format is us, for example, in social mia (LinkIn, Facebook), but in this article we focus on sponsor links display on Google, the Google Ads network (formerly Google Adwords). Here are the most important advantages of PPC. Accurate targeting  Using PPC ads, you will reach exactly the group you want.

Testing Although accurate targeting

In this way, you will increase the chance that you will actually get customers, and the entire investment will be very profitable.  Alone will already allow you to optimize the effectiveness of PPC ads, you will get even better results by conducting A/B tests. With their help, you can specify a specific element of the ad (age of the target group, headline content, or type of landing page) and then choose the variant that brings the best results. Tests . Quick results Unlike Cayman Islands Mobile Number List SEO, PPC ads can bring immiate results. All you ne is a ready offer, well-target advertising and a budget to start gaining customers. PPC – disadvantages.

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The price for one click

High costs In PPC, you pay for each visit to your website. Some industries are particularly competitive in this respect.  In the case of a popular keyword can be as much as several dozen zlotys. Low ROI Although the effects of PPC appear quickly, they do not stay for long – the return on investment is calculat only in how many customers have been acquir in exchange for a certain number of paid visits to the website. While the effects of a well-conduct SEO campaign Bulk Lead can last for a long time, in the case of PPC, you lose visits and profits as soon as you stop paying for ads.

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