Program provides you with a complete tree of accounts through which you can create an infinite number of restrictions at all levels of the basic cost centers within the mical center Follow up between the departments of the various departments linking them and facilitating the stages of patient treatment within the mical center or hospital It also helps you manage patient affairs starting from the reception stage when the patient enters and recording.

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The patient’s treatment The program provides a strong protection  and accounts within the mical center as well as data preservation and retrieval It South Africa Telegram Number Data calculates all costs and expenses for patients to ruce errors and save time and effort in addition to organizing appointments for doctors’ examinations follow up and conducting examinations and tests. Organizes operations schules and accounts management for clients and private contracting companies while managing supplies stores and organizing.

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Affairs such as doctors assistants nurses and workers enables you to add all their data and details easily A list of reports that provides you El Salvador Phone Number List with accurate data including all departments to help you develop the work environment within the hospital and manage it with high quality and efficiency If you want to convert your mical institution into a digital system please contact us to request the mi master program for managing mical hospitals. If you want more information about the importance of mical programs I advise you to read the comprehensive guide that we have creat to successfully manage your mical institution in.

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