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Shap specialist In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about T-shap specialists or T-shap marketers as employees ially suit to this dynamic environment. A T-shap specialist is a person who is an expert in their field, but at the same time knows each other and is able to use knowlge from other areas in their work, e.g. a specialist running Google Ads campaigns, who is great in this environment, but also has basic knowlge of UX, SEO, analytics or other paid channels.  Allows him to look for non-obvious solutions to problems and reach out to clients with velopment ias.

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The vertical  line indicates expertise in the main area, and the horizontal line indicates other areas where the specialist also has skills.  Of being replac by some tool, but also have a narrow view of actions. On the other hand, being a generalist, i.e. a person who knows a little Northeast Mobile Phone Database about everything, but knows nothing well, will not translate into success either. Such a specialist will not be able to give anything more than what smart campaigns can already do.

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That is why we suggest that people starting their adventure with SEM start learning from scratch, set realistic goals, and then expand their knowlge to new areas. What to do to ensure that campaigns bas on Artificial Intelligence give good results? Smart campaigns are data-driven, so they ne a lot of high-quality data to be effective. Amount of data at our disposal, it is worth optimizing campaigns for more than one final conversion , i.e. taking into account supporting activities, e.g. adding to the basket, telephone contact, etc. Thanks to this, we will increase the number LOB Directory of signals that the system takes into account. It is a good practice to assign conversion values ​​that do not have a dynamically assign value.

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