Smart Content: What Does “auto-discoverable” Mean?

Discoverable smart content definition

The reason people hire content strategists is because people can’t find anything,” says longtime content strategist rahel anne bailie. If you don’t have a content strategist – or magic wand – handy and want to make your organization’s content more accessible, start by understanding what automatically discoverable means .

As a matter of fact This basic understanding is what I explore here. This is not an article about search engine optimization. I’m not talking about gadgets to seduce google. What I’m looking for here is a general sense of automatic discoverability as a key part of helping people – whether inside or outside your organization – find what they are looking for once they  arrive on your website, intranet, content management system. , app, etc. Why this article?
This is one of six articles discussing ann rockley’s definition of intelligent content: *

Intelligent content is content that is structurally rich and semantically categorized and therefore automatically discoverable , reusable, reconfigurable and adaptable.

This article focuses on the third element of the definition: automatic discoverability.

What does “Automatically detectable” mean? Automatically discoverable means findable using computers. When content is automatically discoverable, you number in indonesia don’t have to search. And browse folders or. Web pages while muttering, “I know it’s here somewhere. You use auto-discoverable content every day. Examples: google automatically discovers not only web pages relevant to your questions.

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But also, increasingly, direct answers to your questions. Amazon automatically discovers. The products you’re looking for — and the products you don’t know you want until amazon presents them. As recommendations. Supercook automatically discovers recipes that use the ingredients you have in your fridge. Do you have bananas and bacon? Boom! Three Croatia Phone Number List recipes appear. Ingredients-contents-findable. Findable-content-recipes automatically detectable content on supercook.Com when you select your ingredients on supercook’s homepage, the site . Automatically discovers recipes that use those ingredients – in this case, bacon and bananas. Web search, shown here, is just one type of automatic discovery. Users also need to be able to find. Content stored elsewhere.


As a matter of fact Behind a corporate firewall, in an application, or wherever it is. Contents. Discovered. Automatically. If a needle in a haystack were auto-detectable content, you could sit next to. The haystack in a lounge chair and whisper “Needle.” outside, it would burst. And siri would deliver it to you. What makes content auto-discoverable? According to ann’s definition.  Metadata enables the discovery of content .

Metadata are the fees by content owners. Auto discovery is the reward.

Of course, search engines find your content even if you don’t tag it with metadata. They crawl your web pages to find out what content you have to offer, metadata or no metadata. Yet metadata can make a big difference to the user. Metadata takes findability to a new level. When recipes are with metadata — “bacon” and “bananas,” for example — people can instantly extract exactly the content they’re looking for in a way that would be impossible without metadata.

Findability goes beyond web search. An employee may want to find an internal repository to gather documentation for a certain type of user and product model. In this case, the metadata should allow the system to find the right pieces of content for that audience and purpose.

Or imagine customizable marketing materials. Why not? Let’s say an employee wants to put together a flyer based on a certain personality and a certain phase of the customer journey. In this case, the metadata should allow computers to extract the right pieces of content for that audience and purpose .

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