The role of an SEM specialist

The specialist is not so much a clicker, but rather a strategist and a link between the client and the machines. Using the available possibilities, he should select actions so that the client achieves the intend goals, but also explain and advise the client bas on the data, what should be the next steps, report blockers and go out to the client with velopment activities, where he sees space for it. If you want to know the opinion of the rest of the experts participating in the webinar of the SEM IAB Polska Working Group, you can play the recording of the Webinar event:  In the era of advertising network automation. Recall what February was fill with.

How to create an effective campaign

In the blog summary of the month you will find topics in the area of ​​Content Marketing, PPC and SEO. Content management – most common problems Do you commission, check and publish content for clients? Do you sometimes lose your head and common sense in the thicket of acceptance, adlines or conflicting guilines? Learn about the most common Shandong Mobile Phone Numbers problems and ready-ma solutions that will help you increase the efficiency of your daily work. Read the article.  In Google Ads? – part II In the previous part, we talk about how to effectively.

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It turns out that the daily work of a positioner

Set marketing goals and match them to the shopping funnel, as well as present possible Google Ads channels that help achieve the company’s business goals. In this part, we expand the secret knowlge about strategy in the Google advertising system. Read the article. Black, Gray or White Hat – which hat to choose? People who are interest in the subject of SEO have probably come across terms such as Black Hat, Gray Hat and White Hat more than once. But what does this mean and what is the impact of these actions on the page rankings?  Is bas on the LOB Directory techniques that are hidn unr these mysterious names Read the article.

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