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The authority electronically and immediately. Therefore the Egyptian Tax Authority explained the importance of the electronic invoice which enables Digital transformation of commercial transactions dealing with the latest technical methods and verifying the formal accuracy of the invoice source and recipient data and its contents. Eliminate the parallel market and the informal economy determine its actual size reveal it and encourage it to enter the formal economy. Achieving the principle of equal opportunities and justice among companies operating in the Egyptian market.

Identifying joint transactions

Between companies and detecting fictitious transactions. Facilitating and accelerating tax procedures. You can also learn about Advantages Sweden WhatsApp Number Data and disadvantages of the electronic invoice system The importance of having an electronic invoice linking system The Egyptian Tax Authority clarified that one of the conditions required to join the electronic invoice system is the presence of an accounting program that supports the electronic invoice or the possession of an electronic invoice linking program that issues invoices and sends them to the Egyptian Tax Authority.

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Among these programs

The electronic invoice linking system from Pioneers Solutions which is one of the most important systems that supports… The electronic invoice in Egypt is compatible with the Egyptian Tax Authority. First you must know the steps to register on Germany Phone Number List the electronic invoice system and also know how to self register on the electronic invoice system . Pioneers E invoice electronic invoice linking system from Pioneers Solutions Electronic invoice linking program. Linking the electronic invoice How to encode data with the electronic invoice linking system from Pioneers Solutions First through the system you can encode several data such as Your company information.

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