Very low click rates, reaching a wide audience or precise ad targeting options (also for e-commerce) are a set of functionalities that make Business Center a marketing idyll that gives you a chance to be one step ahead of everyone. We do not know how long this idyll will last, so if someone feels that they would like to invest in advertising on  I would advise you to do it sooner rather than later. contact Comments add comment Your e-mail address will not be publish. Requir fields are mark comment name Email semahead entries  Sale, Cheaper, New – Layout Tags in product ads NEXT ENTRY Google algorithms: from PageRank through Panda and Hummingbird to RankBrain Do you want to start cooperation with us? Fill out the Brief! Completing the brief will take you a few moments and will allow us to better prepare for the conversation with you.

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COMPLETE THE BRIEF Subscribe to the newsletter! Wondering what is the mechanism behind displaying eye-catching elements on a solid background in Shopping ads and dynamic remarketing? This composition of the advertisement undoubtly increases the interest in the product, distinguishing it from the competition, and consequently improves the click-through rate of our advertisement. So what should be done to increase the effectiveness of creation in this Denmark Mobile Number Database way appear in Shopping and Display ads for responsive retailers. How are tags select and display with a given product.

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As a base the system uses product information available from the data file, i.e. product attributes. Google provides the display of the following tags: CHEAPER – when there has been a recent drop in product prices in Google Merchant Center NEW – after adding a new product to Google Merchant Center HOT – display next to popular products SALE – when the “promotional price” attribute has a lower value than the “price” attribute.  May experiment with other LOB Directory types of Layout tags as part of performance testing.

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