Search Engine Optimization for Beginners Our 3 Tips

You want to launch a referencing strategy (SEO) but you don’t know how to start? Let’s see together how to make the right SEO decisions. These decisions that will help you increase your organic traffic in 2020. First, you want to set clear and achievable goals . To succeed in your SEO strategy, you will need to plan it, be consistent and make efforts. This is why I like working with ORCs which stand for Objectives and Key Results. This is a technique used by many companies including Google and which I will explain to you here. The goal is to put in place actions that will meet certain specific objectives in order to achieve them.

Prioritize your efforts with ORCs

The key results allow you to define objectives and especially to follow up on your actions. An objective is achieved once all key results are completed. Key results that cover more areas than  lead generation and revenue are very important for your SEO as well as russia phone number example your marketing. The SEO work you do today can show results in a few weeks/months and get you to the top spot. And while organic traffic, conversion rate, and revenue are the results that ultimately matter most to us, we also need to understand the impact of our actions. This is why you would want to couple these key results with those of your SEO strategy.

Find the gaps in your SEO strategy

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Allows Google robots to scan your site and thus understand the activity of your company. Allows you to be findable by your future customers. Allows Bolivia Phone Number List you to gain places in the rankings by  showing Google. That your site is an important source of information. There is no advantage to over-exploiting the SEO factor. You prefer when in reality, you will need to optimize all 3 to be successful. Whether you have an in-house team or hire an outside agency. By using ORCs and having clear meetings. Create an inspiring goal each term four months. Make sure you measure this objective by defining key results. Hold meetings to discuss SEO issues and progress.

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