Search Engine Optimization How Long to See Results?

A question that often comes up during appointments with prospects is my site is new and I don’t see many visitors. How soon could I see results in terms of natural referencing. When you spend time and effort to rank your site high in search engines, you get anxious, you ask questions, you want to see results fast. A few years ago, SEO was easy. All you had to do was follow a few steps and your site would rocket to the top Google results in just 2-3 months . But now SEO has become very competitive . There are millions, if not billions, of blogs on the internet and an even greater number of sites.

How long does SEO take?

This is one of the biggest changes. The keywords were far from very competitive . Nowadays, there are thousands or even millions of sites created every swedish phone numbers day. On January alone, there were almost  2 billion websites created, that’s competition. Before, you could easily focus on 5-6 or even 10 keywords and those would bring you the majority of your traffic. Companies used to focus on small groups of generic keywords and could see good results. But now the reality is very different. Some sites have a list of or even more keywords depending on the size of the site. Each page should at least have a specific keyword.

How SEO Has Changed Content

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Another point that has changed is the content. Before, you could simply write an article by implanting a number of keywords and Google would rank Bolivia Phone Number List you in the first results. The more keywords you list  on a page, the more you show you know the subject, the better you will rank. We call it keyword density. It didn’t necessarily work well for people, and Google no longer values ​​keyword density like it used to. Google’s algorithms just got smarter, they changed their expectations. They no longer analyze a site based on the number of keywords present on the pages which can ruin. Google has made some big changes to improve the quality.

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