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Specifications. How does Easy Clinic help you manage your clinic? Easy Clinic clinic management software enables you to manage your clinic successfully and effectively.  By providing a range of professional features such as.  The ability to record all the patient’s initial data and the ability to search for the.  Patient and review him during each visit so that all of his patient history is display including his appointments x rays and mications. View the doctor’s number of cases at any time and the total revenues for all types of his statements if he deals with them.

Review return appointments for patients

Consultation The ability to enter patient data and create.  A treatment prescription with the patient’s name the name of the treating physician the.  Type of examination Pakistan WhatsApp Number List and its price with the clinic’s logo.  On it and print it easily through the program. The ability to add contracts for companies and institutions and determine the clinic percentage and discount The possibility of placing the program on an internal network in the clinic such that a device is operat by the doctor’s assistant to record the patient’s initial data and that data is ready in front of the doctor on his device when the patient enters it and you can add modify or delete data at any time.

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The best system for saving data

Where you can copy the database and retrieve it at any time even. When the copy is chang in order to preserve patient data or if a problem occurs to you. A high level security Colombia Phone Number List ystem where you can determine the permissions available to each user and set. A  password for each user through a doctor’s control panel. The ability to store drug names and doses and the program includes a complete file.  For most drugs available in pharmacies Complete follow up of accounts revenues and expenses and printing reports on.  The clinic’s profits losses and net income The best software for managing mical clinics Easy Clinic Sections of the Easy Clinic clinic management program.

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