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He new RSA features include: Ability to insert location to dynamically add the location where products and services are offer to your ads. Promotion of upcoming events using a countdown , allowing for automatic display of information, about the end time of the promotion. Improvement of the suggestions that appear when writing headlines and texts. The areas of product availability, delivery and returns. New multi-campaign asset reports. New recommendation display when your ad performance rating is lower than Good. Source support.googlegoogle-ads answer A new look for responsive display ads Google is improving the look and feel of responsive display ads to make them even more effective.

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In July new RDAs came out that use automatic image enhancement smart cropping and text overlays. In addition, there is the ability to automatically generate videos that use images from statist ads.A new look for responsive display adsA new look for responsive display ads  in the “Additional format options” tab in the ition of responsive ads. A new look for responsive Colombia Mobile Number List display adsIn addition to the option of auto-generat videos from RDA ad inventory, Google encourages beta testing of YouTube Video Builder. The video creation creat in it can be successfully us in RDA ads. Dynamic ads generat on the basis of the product fe are also chang.

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A new layout with a single photo has been introduc, which allows you to highlight specific products. In the new formats, the company name will appear next to the logotype. youtube-video-builder Source support. google google-ads answer   Google Ads campaigns during the pandemic – new materials Google has gather in one place all the materials aim at helping advertisers during the COVID- pandemic.  Ahead guide is design to help companies adapt their online marketing strategies to this challenging situation. The publication describes the observations of changes in consumer behavior, consumer insights and LOB Directory ways to obtain information that will allow you to adjust online activities during a pandemic.

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