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GA has many new features, new reports and ways to configure conversions. It is a service that does not differ from Universal Analytics only in appearance. Would you like to know what exactly? Read our article on the subject, which highlights several key differences between GA and GA . You will learn that GA is a completely new data and analytics perspective. Targeting in Facebook ads – how to prepare good research? PPC August , Maria Cieszkowska  Have been heard that it is necessary to let Facebook’s algorithms work.

An example of Facebook targeting

In order to give them a field to show off, you ne to target as broadly as possible, combine ad sets, etc. But does such an approach always work in reaching the target group? From the article you will not only learn how to prepare good research, but also find out whether automation can replace it. Precise ad targeting Let’s start with an overview of the possibilities. Facebook allows us to more or less precisely target advertising to a select group of recipients. We have at our disposal, among others: demographic targeting, targeting specific interests, or even such things as Italy Mobile Number Database relationship status, level of ucation, parents of children of a certain age, system or equipment us by the user.

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We Can also use custom audiences

When it comes to choosing a given location, we can also reach with great precision, not only by entering the given places, but we can also drop pins on select locations in the area where we want to target and mark whether the ad is to reach only people for whom it is intend place of residence, or also to people who are passing through there. However, the interests of audience groups and everything mention above are not everything when it comes to narrow ad targeting.  And create similar audiences bas on them. Effective campaigns in Google Ads? A custom audience is a target group creat on the LOB Directory basis of behavior towards our content on Facebook, on the website or in the application.

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